California State University Youth Outreach: Change Agent Productions

Miriam Galindo, Psy.D., is an independent clinical psychologist based in Irvine, California. In addition to her professional background in youth counseling, Dr. Miriam Galindo maintained an active interest in social work while completing her graduate studies at California State University, Long Beach.

As one of the leading public colleges on the West Coast, the California State University system is committed to engaging students in intensive research through cutting-edge projects. The CSU School of Social Work combines this goal with community development initiatives, assessing the impact of innovative projects such as the Change Agent Productions digital arts program.

Created from the YMCA Youth Institute in Long Beach (another program overseen by the CSU School of Social Work), Changing Agent Productions strives to provide inner-city youth with workforce development opportunities at a professional studio. Assignments range from professional video productions to graphic Web design projects. In addition to providing youth with paid internships and technology skills, all profits from the work support other programs in the Youth Institute. Changing Agent Productions has been active since 2007. The School of Social Work is responsible for case-study reports and impact evaluations.