Dementia Symptoms and Treatment, Dementia Awareness

An Irvine, California resident, Miriam Galindo graduated from the Trinity College of Graduate Studies and holds a doctor of psychology. Miriam Galindo currently serves as a psychologist for families in transition. Additionally, she helps people that deal with dementia and wants to increase dementia awareness.

Dementia is not exactly a health condition as it is a symptom caused by other conditions, which result in brain damage. Common signs for dementia include memory losses, confusion, and mood changes, and people with dementia can also struggle to carry out simple daily tasks. At first, the symptoms can be described as mild cognitive impairment, but if they are not treated and observed at an early stage they can lead up to dementia.

One of the most common health conditions that can lead to dementia is the neurodegenerative disease Alzheimer’s. There is also vascular dementia which is caused by cardiovascular health problems and common symptoms are temporary paralysis, and movement and thinking problems. Symptoms usually develop over time and treatments for dementia aim to improve the quality of life of a person as they cannot really stop it. Common treatments and medicines are cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine.


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