Family Therapy Methods and Effects on Children’s Mental Health

Dr. Miriam Galindo pic

Dr. Miriam Galindo

Dr. Miriam Galindo completed her PsyD at the Trinity College of Graduate Studies in Anaheim, California. Upon licensure, she began her practice in psychiatric social work. Dr. Miriam Galindo conducts family therapy sessions for the welfare of children with psychological issues.

According to the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, therapy sessions involving parents have a positive impact on children afflicted with certain psychological conditions, such as conduct disorders. This study refutes existing notions about family therapy, such as parent-blaming. According to study authors Guy Diamond, PhD, and Allan Josephson, MD, behavior family therapy (BFT) and parent management training (PMT) are effective treatments to promote positive behavior in children.

In another study by Jeffrey Wood, PhD, published in Psychiatric Times, children with anxiety disorders can benefit from family cognitive-behavioral therapy (FCBT). In addition to cognitive-behavioral techniques, FCBT also educates parents on family intervention strategies to help children regulate their anxiety.


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