What is a 730 Custody Evaluation?

Dr. Miriam Galindo pic

Dr. Miriam Galindo
Image: galindopsychology.com

Dr. Miriam Galindo is a licensed psychologist and social worker practicing at Galindo and Associates, Inc., in Irvine, California. In addition, Dr. Miriam Galindo is a member of an approved panel of experts for Orange County Superior Court. She completed a 730 Evaluation for the high-profile 2014 Tamra Barney custody case.

Essentially, a 730 Evaluation is a child custody evaluation that is used in divorce cases when the court needs an expert’s opinion on the mental health and the ability of one or both parent(s) to care for a child. These evaluations look specifically into the parenting practices and routines of one or more of the parents, and whether or not they are beneficial and healthy for the children.

However, 730 Evaluations are not routine for every divorce case. They are mandated only in cases in which a child’s safety, wellbeing, or best interest is in question. The evaluator is chosen by the judge, and to qualify, he or she must fulfill a set of requirements and certifications, such as training in child psychology, custody procedures, the parent-child relationship, and more.


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