A Look at One of NWF’s Wild Places

National Wildlife Federation pic

National Wildlife Federation
Image: nwf.org

Acting as a social worker for the last 20 years in the Southern California area, Miriam Galindo aids social services and the court system, serving on a panel of the Orange County Superior Court child custody evaluators. Aside from advocating for individualized education programs, Miriam Galindo supports the National Wildlife Federation.

As the United States’ largest comprehensive nonprofit organization focusing on conservation and advocacy, the National Wildlife Federation is comprised of over six million members and supporters. One of NWF’s initiatives is to protect America’s Wild Places, which NWF views as extraordinary places that are key to providing necessary ecosystems for wildlife to thrive.

An example of one of these places is the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge. Comprised of over one million acres in Montana, this refuge includes river bottoms, forested coulees, prairies, and badlands. Although overexploitation and settlement has decimated much of the fauna and flora of the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountain elk that were reintroduced to the area in 1951 have been doing quite well. The NWF is also working to recover free-roaming bison into the region.


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