The Individualized Education Program

Individualized Education Programs pic

Individualized Education Programs

Dr. Miriam Galindo is a private practitioner of child and family psychology at Irvine, California. She previously served as social worker with Olive Crest, where she worked with abused and neglected children between ages 4 and 12. In this role, she advocated for Individualized Education Programs at schools.

Individualized Education Programs (IEP) are mandated by a federal law called Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). IDEA requires that schools create an IEP for each child who receives special education services. The IEP includes information about the child including a statement of the child’s present level of performance, an annual educational goal, the different supports and services required, and the accommodations and modifications needed to make education easier.

There are two requirements that need to be satisfied before a student can receive special education services. First, an evaluation must be requested by parents, teachers, counselors, or doctors working with the child. A psychologist may perform the necessary evaluations, which may include classroom observation. After the evaluation process, a decision is made by the IEP team, which consists of parents and school officials.


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