Dr. Miriam Galindo Helps High-Conflict Families in California

Dr. Miriam Galindo pic

Dr. Miriam Galindo
Image: galindopsychology.com

Dr. Miriam Galindo is a licensed clinical psychologist and social worker. She sees clients at her private practice in Irvine, California, where she works extensively with both young children and families experiencing high-conflict divorces. Dr. Miriam Galindo was recently involved in the high-profile custody dispute involving the television star Tamra Barney.

During a public divorce and custody battle, Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney wanted her three children to appear on the reality show with her. She filed a motion requesting permission to film the children without the consent of their father, Simon Barney.

This motion triggered a 730 evaluation, the state of California’s method of sorting out custody issues. This evaluation requires an expert counselor, social worker, or psychologist to investigate and assess the family. Evaluators make a recommendation as to the best interests of the children and may be required to testify in court.

In the Barney family’s case, Dr. Miriam Galindo evaluated the family and recommended that the children not appear on television. Her report was not favorable toward Tamra Barney. Ms. Barney and her attorney did not contest Dr. Galindo’s findings.


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