What Is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy pic

Play Therapy
Image: a4pt.org

Dr. Miriam Galindo practices psychology at her private practice in Irvine, California. Dr. Miriam Galindo is especially experienced in working with young children and focuses on art and play therapy.

Question: What is play therapy?
Answer: During play therapy, a registered play therapist works one on one with a child. The child is allowed to choose toys from an assortment, and the therapist watches how the child interacts with the toys. Sometimes the child acts out scenes with the toy figures or creates settings for them in a sand box.

Question: Who is play therapy for?
Answer: Play therapy is for children between the ages of three and 16. Some of these children have mental health disabilities, while others have been through traumatic events or have attachment issues.

Question: How does play therapy help patients?
Answer: Playing allows therapists to communicate with and understand patients who may not be able to verbalize their feelings. It allows children to play out issues that they cannot or will not talk about.


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