Benefits of Using a Doctor of Psychology in Custody Cases

California resident Miriam Galindo, Psy.D., serves as a private child custody evaluator in the state of California. On an approved panel of experts for the Orange County Superior Court, she has conducted 286 evaluations to date through her private practice. Dr. Miriam Galindo possesses expertise in social work, family therapy, and child psychology.

In child custody cases, it is not uncommon for attorneys and courts to work with psychologists to determine how a child’s well-being is served in the home of one parent versus the other. A psychologist can be consulted to shed light on the characteristics of a parent’s lifestyle, positive or negative.

Although parents are unable to present their child’s recounting of events in court as evidence, they may take their child to a psychologist or psychiatrist to describe any incidents that may have a bearing on the case. The professional can then testify in court on behalf of the child, safeguarding his or her best interest. To ensure the best outcome possible, a parent taking advantage of this option should seek out a doctor of psychology, whose credentials in courtroom testimony far outweigh that of a licensed clinical social worker or marriage, family, and child counselor.


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